Research presentation

The present project explores in 6 sustainable neighbourhoods in Europe (Germany, Spain, France and Sweden) the sound qualities of intermediate spaces located on the building facades like balconies, loggias, terraces and corridors-passageways. A cross analysis of the physical dimensions of the built space, of the sound environment and of the user’s perceptions allows to describe the minimum conditions of existence of these remarkable sound situations. All of this work is compiled in a directory that is the first tool for sound design of such type of spaces.

All of this work is compiled in a catalogue-repertory that is the first tool to help sound designer and designers in their works. The catalogue  is a reference tool and that may be used in other similar projects. The contents of this catalogue are also available online in BLTCP section : 71 Balconies-Loggias-Terraces-CorridorsPassageways (BLTCP) are presented in details this work and can be cross analyzed trough our on line geo-localized map tool.

From this remarkable situations we develop an application that allows designers to create sound sketch and test, by hearing, different phases in their project. Thanks to this application (free download on the website), it is possible to make a 3D virtual environment sounds  and to hear the impact of architectural choices made by designers. The auralization module is informed by the geometric characteristics of the spatial pattern and vice versa. In other words, this application lets you sketch a space by listening.